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4IRSA is a platform to bring together key stakeholders,
decision makers, and pioneers to define the principles,
visions and outcomes of industry 4.0. 

We Are Ready For 5G Network

The race is on to get South Africa ready for 5G and ensure that more citizens have access to broadband.

"Be the best IT infastructure"


Our purpose is to stimulate and facilitate an inclusive national dialogue to shape a coherent national response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in South Africa. It aims to complement and support other national activities relating to the 4IR, most notably the Presidential Commission on the 4IR. The 4IRSA Partnership recognizes that there are several 4IR-related processes and dialogues underway in South Africa: in government, industry, academia and society at large.

"Supply Africa as a whole"


The 4IRSA Partnership believes the national response to 4IR in South Africa must be coherent, so that the manifold and diverse elements of that response, executed by diverse role-players, are mutually supportive, complementary and non-duplicative. Without coherence, the response will be incomplete, and given the interconnectedness of impacts of the 4IR, it is unlikely to achieve positive sustainable outcomes. And finally, it needs to be a response, not merely a plan. The plan needs to be put into action, with progress and outcomes measured against the plan; the emphasis is on action, not just ideation

Lasting Relationship.

Core Values

We allow our personality and culture to show through to our products. Companies such as Numeric International demonstrate that to apply personality onto a product is a key marketing tool and also maintains the business's culture


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4IRSA is a platform that creates space
for stimulating dialogue, understanding
and action to shape a coherent 4IR plan
for South Africa.

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Industries or Value Chains We Supply.

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Impact Assessment of Systems, Process Design & Infrastructure Development to Optimize Value StreamDigitization using Hardware and Software infrastructure to CapacitateSkills Transfer incorporating Education & TrainingCorporate Social Responsibility
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Proof Of Concept Implementation Plan with Tech Partners Monitor and Evaluate to achieve TargetsImplementation Plan with Tech Partners 
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